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The CR427 pays homage to the iconic 427 SC of the sixties and exhibits many elegant period features. A visit to the Gallery will show that the CR427 can make your wildest dream come true, and that its beauty is not just skin deep.

Crude ugly designs seldom deliver satisfactory results, but there are no compromises in the design and manufacture of the components of the CR427.

All parts are produced to the most exacting standards to ensure a pleasurable build process, ease of maintenance and exceptional performance when the project is completed.


The original style CR427 chassis is constructed using 4”x 1/8”cold drawn seamless tube for the main chassis members, which gives the structure huge torsional rigidity. For further chassis pictures please click here.

This, together with carefully considered design, detailed associated components and a balance between strength where required and weight saving where appropriate, delivers an extremely rigid structure. With lower weight than other marques and predictable, reassuring handling in all situations the CR427 has become a legend amongst owners and journalists alike.

The scuttle and footwell area is fully braced to the main chassis rails which totally eliminates the dreaded scuttle shake, often found in open topped cars of this type. The area surrounding the rear axle is heavily triangulated and gusseted to the main chassis rails, which effectively harnesses acceleration and braking torque reactions and eliminates rear body flexing.

At the rear of the chassis a very rigid transom panel is provided to protect the fuel tank from rear impact.

The CR427 cockpit is more spacious than most due to a less intrusive dashboard, neater transmission tunnel and the longest footwells possible within the wheelbase. Also, thinner doors and shuts allow a larger door opening and easier entry and exit. Body, trim and interior detailing are all very authentic, and are best appreciated by visiting the Gallery.


Do not neglect viewing the detailed Price List, you may be agreeably surprised.



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