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The original style chassis is constructed from  4” dia x 1/8” CDS tube for the main front to rear and lateral connecting members of its central ladder, which gives the basic structure a high degree of torsional rigidity. This is due to the main rails being straight and continuous between front and rear suspension turrets, and the accumulative depth and number of connections between them and the lateral members. Steel cockpit floor and inner faces of footwells. Highly authentic front turret structure. Heavily braced scuttle and footwell structure eliminates scuttle shake. Rear turret heavily gusseted to main rails effectively harnesses acceleration and brake torque reactions from rear axle. Integral pedal box structure. Integral fuel tank protection transom. Chassis is blasted, etch primed and powder coated as standard.


Highly authentic 427sc style glass fibre main body with internal boot mouldings, integral de-mister plenum, and bonnet boot and doors. Front inner wings, engine bay firewall, cockpit valances and transmission tunnel constructed from 2mm aluminium sheet. Centre section of firewall and top of transmission tunnel are removable to allow access and ease of power train installation. Cockpit bulkhead has a removable panel to allow access to rear brakes and axle. Bonnet boot and door hinges are all fully and easily adjustable to allow fine adjustment of panel fit and alignment. Original 427sc style retro fit riveted bonnet scoop.


FRONT: Jaguar XJ series 2 or 3 donor axle. Fully adjustable geometry. Coil over spring dampers to CR specification.

REAR: Jaguar XJ series 2 or 3 donor with shortened shafts and wishbones. CR radius arms. Fully adjustable geometry. Coil over spring dampers to  CR specification.


Rack and pinion, 3.3 turns lock to lock. Collapsible upper and lower column sections.


Jaguar XJ discs and callipers front and rear. Balance bar pedal system provides ideal pre set balance front to rear.



Any Ford Windsor, Cleveland or FE series big block.



Image JC5, 16” wheels (as featured in the gallery) are recommended as they are specifically manufactured for the CR427 from tooling produced by Crendon Replicas, in order to resolve the long standing supply problem with road legal 15” tyres as required for original knock on wheels.



FRONT: 225  55  16 

REAR: 255 50 16 or 245 55 16  


NOTE: Tyres must be of adequate speed rating for performance of car and marked in accordance with I.V.A regulations.


Authentic stainless steel side pipe system, re-packable to adjust back pressure and DB levels.



Original style installation with 3 core radiator to CR specification. CR aluminium expansion tank used with Ford Windsor or Cleveland small block. Original Ford brass, or re-production stainless steel expansion tank with Ford FE series big block.



Custom made heater matrix and blower connected to CR427 integral plenum.



Wiring loom is supplied with a routing diagram and connection schedule and ensures a foolproof and virtually concealed installation.


Lucas to CR specification.


Highly authentic 427sc style interior trim, including original style dash, original style leather seats with mandatory head restraints, and bound easily fitted or removed carpet set (cockpit and boot).


Original style weather equipment including hood, side screens with sliding panels and tonneau cover.

I. V. A:

All components supplied or specified are compliant with current Independent Vehicle Approval Regulations.  Customers must check for updates to regulations, which may affect their chosen project when built.

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